invest in 6 months to overcoming your fear of marketing and selling what you do


Are You Ready To Get the Business You've Always Wanted?

This 6 month programme starts on March 31st 2019 and your investment is only €127 Per Month

I want to share with you this rare opportunity to quickly & easily get access to my proven system which will show you how to increase your confidence so you can show up and actually use marketing to grow your business instead of wasting your time.

Hey, I get it, I was there... I was scared too but here's what I did...

I remember my first networking event, I spilled my tea on my coat because I was so nervous. I was 4 days in business and was about to do my first 60 second pitch to a room full of strangers. 

I got five business inquiries that day, I couldn’t believe it, by facing my fear and doing it anyway I got results. 

So I Showed Up Again...

I went back the next week, I made my first €1,000 that week.
That was more money that I was making in a month in my last job, I was handed it after two 60 second pitches...

So naturally, I went back the week after that, and the one after that, and after that again (you get the picture.) In fact, I went back every week for four and a half years. I knew if I was going to make this business work, I needed to put myself outside of my comfort zone, not just a couple of times but consistently

At the time, I knew marketing, PR, public speaking etc. and while all that helped for sure, the one thing that carried my through the most was my unwavering belief in myself and what I was doing for clients.

I didn’t have to convince that client to give me €1,000, he could see I was confident in what I could do and that’s what he bought.

If you need to convince people to buy then you’re doing it wrong.

The truth is... the way I sell online and offline has people saying yes before they meet me, they message me, call me and the right people say YES to me - and to themselves!

This isn’t just a formula, a script or a social media post, this is me knowing I can help people and I will.

Knowing this means I love to tell people what I can do for them, I love networking, doing calls, meetings and pitches, because I know, what I have to offer can really help people.

Does this sound like you?

You feel that you don’t love to put yourself out there - it actually scares you?

You don’t love sales, marketing, networking?

Growing your business and getting new clients feels 'difficult'?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What would your business and life look like if you had the confidence to show up and sell what you do?

If you had the confidence to stand out?
If you weren’t afraid of what people thought?

join my 6 Month Online Business & Marketing Masterclass 

In this 6 Month Programme we will cover:

  • Your Mindset ; How to get out of your own way & stop second guessing yourself
  • Your Message ; How to deliver the perfect pitch and story that keeps people interested
  • Your Online Presence ; My secrets to generating clients from social media every month; How to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Video Marketing ; how to stand out using video.
  • Your Sales and Your Value ; How to sell yourself with confidence. Are you charging what you are worth? We'll look at price and package
  • Your Future ; Create a plan to move forward that will bring consistent clients and money. The only fear you should have is the fear of standing still

What You Get:

  • Access to a private FB group which means you get all the resources in one place and you can feel supported and learn from like- minded friends!
  • Monthly Training and Challenges delivered through Video and PDF workbooks that keeps you accountable with like minded individuals 
  • Weekly Business Boosting & Motivational Tips that will grow your business week on week
  • Monthly Live online Q&A sessions so you get to ask questions to me in person - and you get to learn from other’s in the group
  • 1 Meet Up, half way through the programme a meet up will be arranged for all participants 
  • All resources will be available within the group which means you can watch and implement them in your own time.

This 6 month programme starts on March 31st 2019 and your investment is only €127 per month

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