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When I started my business I did all the wrong things ….because, well I didn’t know any better and after a year or so of being broke and working with the wrong clients I was starting to think - is this it? 

Is this as good as it gets? Working my ass off for little or no return...

I remember thinking to myself “I don’t know how much longer I can do this, I love marketing but I wanted to make a bigger impact I wanted to work with more businesses” - and it literally HIT me like a ton of bricks in that moment a voice said - why don’t you?

Why work with emma?

I have worked with hundreds of businesses to help them double and triple their income. 

Have you ever been there?
Wishing that things could be easier &
knowing that your business can achieve so much more?

Let me help you!

Kind Words from 
my clients


Thank you so much Emma for your time yesterday at the Techconnect Live conference. Your presentation was fantastic and you gave me some great food for thought at our 1:1.

Éadaoin Curtin
TechConnect Live


Emma has also taught me how to market my services in a way that appeals to my client base. And one of the most important things, she has shown me how to attract my ideal client, which is really what every business wants.

For anybody considering working with Emma I have only two words of advice for you... Do It!

Alan Williams |   Alan Williams Coaching


For anyone considering working with Emma, or who needs a strategy for attracting more clients, I would say it is definitely worth the investment and she will help you become more successful!

Dr. Adrian Corcoran
MD, Attik Designs Ltd.

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